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Habib El Malek - Black Hoodie

Habib El Malek - Black Hoodie

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What makes this product special?

Introducing the captivating "Habib El Malek" design, a powerful expression of your identity as a cherished child of the King of Kings. This striking design beautifully showcases the phrase "Habib El Malek," which translates to "Beloved of the King" in Arabic. Embrace the unique structure of the Arabic language, where "Habib" (Beloved) precedes "El Malek" (The King's), creating a poetic and profound declaration of your faith and pride in being a Christian.

The "Habib El Malek" design is more than just a fashion statement; it's a testament to your personal relationship with Jesus Christ, acknowledging His lordship and your beloved status in His eyes. It's a daily reminder of the special bond you share with the King of all kings, rooted in love and devotion.

This design is perfect for a range of products, from stylish apparel to meaningful accessories, each item becoming a bold declaration of your faith. Whether you're at church, with friends, or simply going about your day, the "Habib El Malek" design is a powerful way to share your Christian identity and the joy of being loved by Jesus.

Wear the "Habib El Malek" design with pride and joy, showcasing to the world your cherished status as the Beloved of the King, and celebrate your Christian faith in a unique and elegant way.


After drying, the embroidery needs to be ironed to flatten. Do not apply high heat for a long period of time. Iron to run over design and not stay still.

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