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Egypt Typography

Egypt Typography

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What makes this product special?

Embrace the timeless beauty of Egyptian heritage with this exclusive embroidery design, featuring the word "Egypt" artistically crafted in Arabic typography. Drawing from Psalm 46:1, "God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble," this design symbolizes the enduring strength and cultural richness of Egypt, a land mentioned numerous times in the Bible. The Arabic script is not only a nod to Egypt's linguistic heritage but also an artistic expression of its deep historical roots in the Coptic Christian tradition.

This exquisite embroidery design is perfect for customizing your favorite apparel or accessories, adding a touch of elegance and meaning. Whether it's on a tote bag, a cushion cover, or a piece of clothing, this design transforms everyday items into unique pieces that celebrate your heritage and faith.

Adorn your items with this beautiful embroidery as a celebration of Egypt's rich legacy and as a reminder of God's ever-present strength in our lives.


After drying, the embroidery needs to be ironed to flatten. Do not apply high heat for a long period of time. Iron to run over design and not stay still.



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