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Guided by ESOS - Black Hoodie

Guided by ESOS - Black Hoodie

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What makes this product special?

Introducing our newest addition: the "Guided by ESOS" compass design, a profound symbol of spiritual navigation and devotion. Inspired by the rich tradition of facing East in Coptic Christianity, this design embodies the guidance of Jesus in our lives, reminiscent of the directional orientation of church altars and the faithful looking towards the East during the crucifixion.

The central element of this design is a beautifully detailed compass, pointing steadfastly towards the East. It serves as a metaphor for the Christian journey, guided by faith and the teachings of Jesus, as represented by the acronym "ESOS." Below the compass, the phrase "Guided by ESOS" is elegantly scripted, reinforcing this message of divine direction and commitment.

This exquisite design is perfect for personalizing a range of products, from apparel to accessories, making them not just items of everyday use but symbols of faith and spiritual reflection. It's an ideal choice for those who seek to express their faith in a subtle yet meaningful way.

Carry this emblem as a reminder of the guiding presence of Jesus in your journey, a beacon of faith always leading you towards the light of the East.

After drying, the embroidery needs to be ironed to flatten. Do not apply high heat for a long period of time. Iron to run over design and not stay still.
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